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Gin Extradry Gemma

Gin Extra Dry Gemma is a classic and uncompromising gin, perfect for those who love the dryness of the original gin. Its recipe calls for the use of juniper as the main ingredient, without the addition of other flavors that could alter the dry and decisive taste of the gin.

The Extra Dry Gemma is ideal to combine with more bitter and dry tonics, to enhance its strong and pure taste. Thanks to its essentiality, it lends itself perfectly to mixing in classic cocktails, such as Martini, Negroni or Gin Fizz.

Its ingredients are chosen with care and attention to ensure the highest quality of the final product. The predominant presence of juniper makes it a gin with a strong and dry taste, which will conquer lovers of authentic flavors and without frills.

Thanks to the dominance of juniper and the lack of other aromas, this gin offers a strong and pure flavor, which knows how to conquer the most demanding palates and fans of classic gins.

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