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Gin Agrumato

“Agrumato” Gin is the perfect gin for those who crave a fresh and lively taste experience. Thanks to the selection of the best Italian citrus fruits, including orange, lemon and citron, this gin offers a perfect balance of flavors that make it unique and inimitable.

With this gin you can play at home and create the perfect summery and refreshing gin and tonic to enjoy in the company of friends or family. The freshness of Italian citrus fruits combines with the complexity of selected spices for a balanced and pleasant taste on the palate; It is made from the highest quality ingredients, selected with the greatest care to guarantee an intense and authentic taste. The result is a gin that represents a unique and refined taste experience, perfect for those looking for a fresh and light alternative to traditional gin.

In short, Citrus represents a perfect choice for those who love fresh and fruity flavours. Thanks to its combination of Italian citrus fruits and selected spices, it offers a balanced and refined flavor that knows how to conquer the most demanding palates.

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