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Gin Botanic

Recyclage’s Botanic Gin has been designed to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated tastes, with a mix of balsamic and spicy aromas that make it one of a kind. Its main ingredients are rosemary, juniper and thyme, typical of the Mediterranean and capable of giving an intense and enveloping flavour; it moves away from the classic dry gin, but is able to satisfy most palates thanks to its strong but balanced flavor. Thanks to its botanical composition, it is perfect for those looking for a fresh and fragrant drink, capable of giving a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

The Gin Botanic recipe has been studied with care and passion by our team of experts, who have selected only high quality ingredients from sustainable sources. The result is a gin botanic with an authentic character and an intense aroma, which lends itself to multiple occasions: from an evening with friends to after dinner with friends, up to solo tasting to fully appreciate its complexity of flavors and aromas.

Come and discover Recyclage’s Gin Botanic and let yourself be conquered by its unique and unmistakable flavour.

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